Bye Bye Allergies by Nicolas Murillo


The B.B.A method is an energetic treatment of allergies, intolerances and sensitivities created by osteopathic doctors François and Françoise Munsch.

This painless, natural and effective method uses energetics to completely remove an allergy.

This therapy does assume a special approach to the term allergy. By allergy we mean obviously classic manifestations such as nasal discharge, skin disorders or digestive disorders. Those cover so-called environmental allergies (pollen, pollution, household products and cosmetics, animals ...) and food allergies (gluten, milk, egg, peanuts ...) and animal (hair, secretions ...). However, the B.B.A method also considers as consequence of an allergy certain diseases or disorders such as:

  • respiratory disorders (asthma, chronic cough),
  • circulatory disorders (phlebitis, ulcers ...),
  • joint disorders (arthritis, polyarthritis ...),
  • autoimmune diseases,
  • painful reactions to certain types of heavy and necessary treatments (chemotherapy, radiation, etc.),
  • emotional disorders (stress, fears, anger, anxiety ...).


The approach

The Bye-Bye Allergies method considers allergies to be an abnormal response of the body to a given element. In the event of a significant physical or emotional shock, the body not only retains the memory of the shock but also records a series of parameters as part of that memory and seeks to guard against it. It integrates the environmental and emotional elements present while the shock occured. This information is recorded in the physical and energetic body. Subsequently, when a food, for example, is ingested if the body has recorded it and assimilated it to a shock (emotional or physical) then the body considers it harmful for him. He decides by all means to fight it, to reject it and that is where the allergy takes place. The immune defenses are thus deviated from their primary function and end up fighting the body itself.
Modern medicine, or allopathic, has chemical compounds blocking the body's reaction, but not the reason for this reaction. In addition to the danger that this type of medication eventually causes to organs such as the liver, this approach, if it is effective in the short term, requires regular changes in treatment and often tires the individual. The chemical compounds do not eliminate the allergy, they only retain the allergic reaction. Just as a virus an allergy fights to survive and becomes more and more virulent.


The ground or immune system

The concept of ground is crucial for the practitioner, it defines to what extent a patient is likely to present allergic responses. For that the therapist runs a checkup highlighting a first set of allergens even though some creates very slight manifestations. 

Paying attention to the ground is essential for the practitioner because it provides a first answer on the extent of treatment to be followed by a patient. If few elements react, it is a weakly allergic ground; the practitioner can then go through complete cleaning of the allergies in few sessions. If many elements react, it means the ground is highly allergic; it will then be necessary to consider a long treatment for a complete cleaning of the allergies.

However, over the course of the treatment, this ground evolves and improves, often reducing the need to treat any particular allergen present during the first assessment. Besides, rapidly the patient observes an improvement in his daily life with often a renewed energy and a decrease of the symptoms progressively going  towards their disappearance.


The test and the treatment

To detect the presence of an allergen, the practitioner uses the muscle tone test based on kinesiology. Kinesiology teaches us that in the presence of stress our muscles lose their tone making them weak and uncontrollable. So if an individual is allergic to pear, the simple fact of seizing a pearl be perceived by his body as a threat. As a result the patient will enter in a state of stress and his muscle tone will disappear.

The muscle tone test serves as a control base for the practitioner during the various stages of the treatment. It not only highlights the presence of an allergen but can also control that the body accepts the allergen after treatment.

The treatment phase is quite short, it is a series of pressures applied on the back to the location of acupuncture meridians, causing their activation or "opening" while the client holds a vial containing the allergen in his hand. The energy then circulates fully in the patient's body and informs him of the positive aspect of the allergen. After treatment it is necessary to stay for another 20 minutes with the allergen in hand to perfectly close the session and begin the eviction.The B.B.A treatment  does not include medication, but is followed by a strict period of eviction of the given substance for 25 hours. At the end of this period the previously allergenic substance is finally accepted by the body.


The eviction

The eviction must be strict for the good success of the treatment. Some allergens are easier than others to avoid, sometimes it can be complicated. The practitioner takes the time to explain and advise clients at each session that precedes the next treatment of eviction modalities for future treatment, so that they can organize themselves. This is also recalled before and after the treatment.
Without this eviction, the treatment may fail to produce positive or non-lasting effects. It is imperative that you stick to this relatively short period of time.

The beneficiaries

Everyone can benefit from the B.B.A method:
  • adults,
  • children and even babies,
  • individuals in poor physical condition,
  • individuals with a disability (to be specified before the appointment).


Some examples

B.B.A is effective and will provide a better deal with the following allergies, diseases and disorders:

  • food intolerances,
  • anaphylactic shock,
  • chronic skin problems or in the presence of hot or cold,
  • phobias and other emotional disorders,
  • autoimmune disease,
  • hypersensitivities,
  • infertility.