About us

We are a multi-disciplinary team of therapists working in various approaches willing to promote respectful and complementary exchanges between the different partners of the world of medicine.

In the heart of Sophia-Antipolis we invite you to discover a place where everyone can find the help they need for a better understanding of their situation and a true accompaniment to wellness.
In addition to the usual medical care, we propose a plural approach to health so that everyone can become the daily actor of his healing.


Our biological state faithfully reflects our way of behaving in the world, it is the result of our own efforts to adapt to all the information we exchange with our external environment, both consciously and unconsciously.
The inherent mechanism that triggers a well-being or a disease is therefore absolutely natural and based on our experiences, our history and our psycho-emotional experiences.
From our point of view, the return to health can only be achieved by adopting a broad and comprehensive vision combining a work on the physical, energetic, psychic and emotional plan, in which various therapies such as the reflexology, psychotherapy, naturopathy, Bach flowers, E.F.T... bring their specific efficiency.


Whatever could be the situation you are dealing with, the various tools we propose allow you to mobilize, enhance and release your vital forces, to optimise your potential and to embrace lasting quality of life.
A different look at all the circumstances of everyday life, a new approach in an accident, a disease, or a relationship issue offer us unique opportunities for personal growth and change.
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